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raych, bk and kitten
14th-Feb-2008 07:41 pm - SWEETBREAKDOWN --- pureoptimism
I've moved from this journal. Just wanted something new. To find all my new graphics and such, click the following:

10th-Feb-2008 02:28 pm - 50 Gregory House Icons for fandoms100
50 Gregory House Icons for Fandoms100

Icons Completed: 50/50 -- may contain spoilers for season 3 of House

gregory house makes sarcasm sexy.Collapse )
23rd-Nov-2007 10:09 pm - Mixed Icons
[7] Fall Out Boy (Sugar We're Going Down)
[4] My Chemical Romance (Teenagers)
[14] The O.C.
[7] Love Related

sugar we're going down swinging /// teenagers scare the living shit out of me...Collapse )
7th-Oct-2007 12:12 am - Fruits Basket for icons_50

Started: 07/10/07
Subject: Fruits Basket
Icons: 16/50

12th-Sep-2007 10:37 pm - [16] Harry Potter Icons
[6] Draco/Hermione
[5] Remus/Hermione
[5] Sirius/Hermione

i think i might be in love with youCollapse )
Another 100 icons challenge... I must be going crazy, hehe :D Click under the cut for 100 icons in progress! 

Completed: 20/100

10th-Aug-2007 08:46 pm - Sailor Moon
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome

Artist: royalbk
Subject: Sailor Moon
Characters: Serenity/Endymion
Number of icons: 10/10
Lyrics: Love you to death by Kamelot
Community: done for the community 10_lyricons

Love you to death
10th-Aug-2007 02:03 pm - Roy Mustang - Sentient Icons

25 Roy Mustang Icons for Sentient_icons
3rd August, 2007
Finished: n/a
Completed Icons: 13/25

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