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The Icon Community of Raych, Hybrid_Kitten and Royalbk

Hello, and welcome to Raichika! This community is for icons made by krazeydiamond, hybrid_kitten and royalbk. The icons are based around anime and manga, as well as movies and television programs.

krazeydiamond is a teenage girl who loves to make graphics. The fact that she also loves anime and manga is just an added bonus. Her favourite anime is Full Metal Alchemist with InuYasha close behind. Her favourite television show is F.R.I.E.N.D.S., as well as many American comedies such as Scrubs and Becker. In her free time Raych likes to write and read.

hybrid_kitten is a sixteen years young girl who also loves to make icons and graphics. She loves some anime series, but mostly finds herself captivated by books and movies. Her favorite anime series of all time is Inuyasha. Other anime she's been into are Elfen Lied and Furuba. Aside from icon making, Jess also enjoys writing.

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